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JMTC (Hyd Parts)

Hydraulic Pump & Motor Parts

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Qualified by world leading equipment makers in
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Hitachi & John Deere



Uchida / Rexroth / Hydromatik

Caterpillar & Mitsubishi

Daikin / Sundstrand

Shibaura / Toshiba

Teijin Seiki


   for Hitachi & John Deere Excavators  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
 Main Pump
A10V43   AP2D36/38   A8V55ESBR   HPV091DS/ES   HPV050FW/0507W   HPV116C
HPV091DW   HPV091EW   HPV091DS/ES   HPV102FW/105FW   HPV118   HPV145C/D/F/G/H  
A7VO250   A8V55ERIR   HPV125A   HPV125B   KVC925   KVC932   K3SP36   HPK055A  
MSF89   MSF200   AP5S53/58   AP5S67   M2X96   M2X120   M2X146   M2X150/170   M5X130
M5X180   M2X210   MX150   MX173   MX200/250   HTM450
HMGC16/HMT045   MAG55KP-2000   MAG85VP   HMGC32/HMT107   HMGC35/HMV116   HMGC48/HMT134   HMGF49   HMGF57/HMV145   HMGF68A/HMGF57LA   HMT125AC

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    for Komatsu Excavators  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
PC60-3/5(HPV35)   PC60-6/7/8(HPV75)   PC100/120-3/5(HPV55)   PC200/220-3/5(HPV90)   PC200/220-6/7(HPV95)   PC200-8(HPV95H)   PC300/400-3/5(HPV160)   PC300/400-6(HPV132) PC300-7(HPV140)   PC400-7/8(HPV165)  
 Swing  & 
KMF125   KMF41   KMF40/90/105/150   HMV110/160  

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    Kawasaki Pump & Motor  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
 NV Series
 NV45   NV50   NV60   NV64   NV70   NV80   NV84   NV90   NV111   NV120   NV137   NV172
 NV210   NV270
 NVK Series  NVK45
 K3V Series  K3V63DT   K3V63BDT   K3V112DT   K3V112BDT   K3V140DT   K3V180DT/DTH
 K3V280SH/DT/DTH    K5V80DT/DTP    K5V140DT/DTP    K5V160DTP   K5V180DTP
 K5V200DTH/DPH    K7V63DT
 KVC Series  KVC925   KVC930   KVC932
 M2X Series  M2X63   M2X96   M2X120   M2X146   M2X150   M2X170   M2X210    M5X130    M5X180
 MX Series  MX150   MX173   MX200/250

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    Uchida / Rexroth / Hydromatik Pump & Motor  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
A2F Series A2F55   A2F80   A2F107   A2F160   A2F225   A2F250   A2F350   A2F500  
 A3V Series  A3V55   A3V80   A3V107
 A4V Series  A4VSO250  A4VSO125  A4VSO130  A4VG28   A4VG56  A4VG90  
 A6V Series  A6VM55   A6VM80   A6VM86   A6VM107   A6VM115   A6V160   A6VE160   A6VM160    A6VM172  A6VM200  
 A7V Series  A7V55   A7V80   A7V107   A7V160
 A7VO Series  A7VO55   A7VO80   A7VO107   A7VO160   A7VO200   A7VO250
 A8V Series


 A8VO Series  A8VO55   A8VO80   A8VO80(DX140W)   A8VO107   A8VO160   A8VO200
 A10V Series  A10V17   A10V21   A10V23   A10V28   A10V40   A10V43   A10V71   A10VO71   A10V100

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    for Caterpillar & Mitsubishi Excavator & Grader  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  SPV10/10   SPK10/10   AP-12 New (Cat.320,320B)   AP-12C/SBS120 (Cat.320C)   AP-12 Old (Cat.E200B)
  12G, 120G   14G, 16G, 225   140G   PPS140
   VRD63   MCB172   SBS80   SBS140  

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    Daikin / Sundstrand Pump  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  PV21/MF21 (Sundstrand)   PVD21 (Daikin)   PV22/MF22 (Sundstrand)   PVD22 (Daikin)
PV23/MF23 (Sundstrand)  PVD23 (Daikin)

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    Shibaura / Toshiba Motor  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  SG015(MFB30)   SG020/025(MFB45)   SG04 (MFB80)   SG08 (MFB150/160)  SG15(MFB200)   SG20 (MFB250)

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    Teijin Seiki Motor  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  GM21VL   GM23H   GM24VA/27H/30F   GM30H/38H   GM35VA   GM35VL   GM38VB(SK200-8)

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    Linde Pump  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  HPR100   HPR130/160

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    Others  * Click models to see Parts Breakdown
  MAG55KP-2000   MAG85VP   MAG150-3000/5000   MSF89   MSF170VP/MAG170VP   MSF200   DNB50B/60B
  AP2D21   AP2D25   AP2D36/38   B2PV75   B2PV105   PSV2-55   PSV2-63   LPVD64   LPVD90   LPVD125
  LPVD140   PVD-0B&PVD-1B&PVD-2B&PVD-3B  AP2D12&AP2D14&AP2D18

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