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JMTC (Engine Parts)

Engine Parts & Electrical Part`

  High quality products made in Korea & Japan

                        Cylinder Liner, Piston, Piston Pin, Piston Ring, Bushing, In/Ex. Valve,
                            In/Ex. Valve Seat, Valve Guide, Main Bearing, Con-rod Bearing,
                            Thrust Bearing, Crank Shaft, Gasket Kit, etc.
                        Alternator, Starter & Turbocharger

 Hitachi Excavators

              4BD1-T, 4BG1, 6BD1-T, 6BG1-T, H06C-T, H07C-TD,
EP100T, 6SD1-T, 6RB1-TPF, 6RB1-TPQ,A-6RB1-TQA

 Komatsu Excavators

               6D95L, S4D95L, S4D120E, 6D105, S6D105, S6D95L,
               S6D102, SA6D95L, S6D125, SA6D108, SA6D125

 Komatsu Bulldozers

              4D105-3, 4D105-5, 6D95L, 6D95L-1, 6D105-1, 
              S4D105-3, 6D125-1, 6D125E-2, S6D125-1,
              S6D125E-2-A, S6D114E-1A, S6D125, S6D125E-2, 
              S6D155-4, SA6D140E-2, S6A155-4A, SA6D155-4A,
              SA6D155-4, SA6D170

 Komatsu Wheel Loader

              6D95L, S6D95L, S6D105, S6D108E, S6D110,
              SA6D110, S6D125, S6D140, S6D170

 Kobelco Excavators

              4BD1-T, 4D31T, 6D31T, 6D14T, 6D15T, 6D22T,
              6D22, 6D22TC

 Daewoo Excavators

              D1146, D2366, D2366T, D2848T

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