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 No.1802, Acro-Palace, 267

 Simin-Daero, Dongan-Gu 

 Anyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

 Tel.  +82 31-388-2951
 Fax. +82 31-388-2952

JMTC (Hydraulic Breaker Tools)

Hydraulic Breaker (Hammer) Tools

High quality demolition tools made in Korea

                                       from special forged alloy steel with heat treatment
     Non-stock items, made to order

Type of working end shape

                     1. Moil Point

                     2. Chisel (Cross)

                     3. Blunt 


 HM45 ~ HM2500CS


 S21 ~ S86


 MES150 ~ MES5000


 BRH40 ~ BRH1100
 BRP30 ~ BRP130
 BRV32, 43, 52


HB100 ~ HB700, HB1G ~ HB50G


 H08X ~ H-20X

a NPK Breaker parts also available
      (Click to see Parts Breakdown)


 THBB71 ~ THBB2000


 TNB-1E ~ TNB-22E


 OUB301  ~ OUB-318
 UB-8, 11, 14 

Soosan, Topa and more
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